New Projects

So I’m excited to announce a new project I’m working on. Currently, I’ve been redoing a lot of sales copy and documentation for our SkyVerge products, but I’m also starting something new that I’m hoping I’ll be able to go live with in about a month:

I’m working on the site to deliver news and articles centering on the eCommerce space in WordPress. I follow a lot of great WordPress news sites, but a lot of them are for general WordPress news, and none focus on eCommerce specifically, which is really growing in the WordPress sphere. My goal is to grow the site solely from organic and social-media generated traffic, and eventually monetize it with advertising or some choice affiliate programs (only ones that I think would benefit the readership – I hate “scammy” affiliate sites).

While I’m still relatively new to a lot of the eCommerce scene, I’m doing a ton of research (seriously, enough to rival some of the stuff I did as a science major in college) to get up to speed on the platforms I haven’t used yet. It’s a little scary, since nobody wants to launch something and have it fall flat or feel like they look like a sham, so I’m a little bit nervous about it. However, I also know I felt that way about every paper or project I turned in and then ended up getting an A on, so I’m trying to keep in mind that everyone that has gotten to where they are today started in my shoes, and I need practice and focused study to catch up.

I’ll try to update as I go live to see how it goes smile