Life Changes and Adventures

Okay, here we go! I made the decision to leave teaching / coaching after four years. While this wasn’t an easy decision for me to make, I’m pretty excited about where I go from here.

First, I love teaching. I had great students and it was a lot of fun being with them every day and sharing why I love Chemistry and learning how things work. However, I never anticipated being a 35-year career teacher since there are way too many things I love doing. With that idea in mind, I’m excited to move on to new adventures.

Once the school year ends, I’ll be working full-time with my husband for his/his partner’s company (SkyVerge). While there will be a bit of a learning curve for me moving to full time, I’ll be responsible for random administrative duties, content development, and website administration (or any other odd job they come up with probably).

Why make this move? First, while teaching is a great job, it can sometimes feel like you’re not moving forward. It’s pretty great to try to teach younger generations about becoming better thinkers / learners and hope that they’ll go out and make an impact, but it also feels like you’re missing something if you’re not out making an impact yourself, and I was sometimes torn with that idea. However, working with Max feels like I’m building something and that I also get that time for my own learning and exploration. With teaching, you get that in a very different way: getting better at your craft entails making other people better, not necessarily getting better yourself, which is something I don’t feel like I’m done with yet.

Also, my husband is pretty awesome — he’s my best friend, and we’re excited to be able to do more stuff together, like traveling. The plan is to move around and visit a bunch of places, both throughout the US and internationally, since we don’t have to have a home office for the business. Even though I’m sad to leave teaching / coaching, you have to admit that the freedom this affords us is pretty awesome. Even though I’ll probably be working just as much now as I was while doing like three or four different “jobs”, I’m excited to get started with something new and do something that feels like we’re building for the future. Wish me luck!