Here are answers to a couple common questions first, which I don’t usually answer if submitted via this form.

  1. Can I get help with a free plugin?
    Yep, check out the forums, which is where free support is available.
  2. Can I get support or help with a paid plugin?
    Yep, just not here wink Please get in touch at or submit a ticket at, the SkyVerge team will be happy to help out.
  3. Can I hire you for freelance projects or consulting help?
    Afraid I’ve already got more work than I can do. If this is development-related, I’d recommend Codeable for small jobs, or get in touch at SkyVerge. As for plugin / service reviews, the best place to get in touch is via Sell with WP.

Want to get in touch for something else? I guess this is the equivalent of a 1995 answering machine, so you know what to do at the beep.