Sell with WP went live!

Sell with WP is now live! It went live on September 19, so I have almost two weeks under my belt. It’s been a bit crazy, as I’ve focused a lot on writing as much content as possible before launch so that I have a backlog of articles to publish. Here are some thoughts on the process so far:

  • Holy crap I’ve done a lot of writing over this summer.
  • I’ve used a lot of different eCommerce platforms, and while many of them do different things, most are super easy to use. It makes me wonder why more small business don’t use WordPress for their online stores (or why more don’t take online orders with a WordPress site). I guess word hasn’t gotten out yet that you could hire one or two people to fully manage online sales.
  • Still in awe of how much writing / testing I’ve done recently. Why was I a pure science major? Oh yeah, because math / problems take a lot less time for me than writing. I’d beg for some equilibrium ICE problems or pKa problems at this point (yeah, I just brought you back to Analytical Chem. You’re welcome.).
  • I’m still scared that I’m writing this and it’s going to flop. Kind of like yelling, “Hellooooooooo!” out into a void. Is anyone going to listen / respond? Are people going to find it useful?
  • The good thing is the more I write, the more ideas for other articles I get.
  • I’m still having a tough time nailing down what kind of audience I’m writing to, but then again, maybe with more readership, I can ask them what they want/need. Do I write to developers? Store owners with no web experience? The developers / managers that might run someone’s site? That is making content development and the direction I want to go in a bit vague and difficult for me.

Overall, I’m glad I went through this process, but I know that I still need to refine my goals for the site in order to determine the best way to proceed. The growth in readership and average time spent on the site thus far is promising, and I’ll be curious to see where I’m at in a month, 6 months, etc. Hopefully I’ll get some engagement in the site that can help me determine the best direction to head in from here.